About Claude

Claude Limberger, a philosopher by nature and holder of degrees and certificates in the diverse fields of Psychology, Biology, Programming and Tai Chi, also finds time to write in his spare time. To date Claude has four books, Afterworld - When Ghosts Disappear, Timestopper, Afterworld Coversations and Johnny’s Ripple. He has received accolades for his writing from many sources and is currently taken his pen to the writing of screenplays where his work has just started to be recognized.

Claude Limberger started to write in 1994 after surviving a debilitating parasitic infection that lasted seven years and almost killed him. He is a graduate of University of Toronto's Erindale campus and is a member of the Mississauga Writer's Workshop. Claude is now happy to see his fourth book in print and claims to have many more within him. Indeed best-selling author Dan Millman has said of him, "Claude possesses the necessary imagination to become a prolific writer," and award winning author Pamela Sims has said, "Claude's books are a must read for anyone who is exploring their own nature."

He is an independent business man, being involved in thirteen separate and diverse businesses, which operate around the world.

He was a founding member of the Mississauga Taoist Tai Chi Association and has been involved with the Taoist Tai Chi Society for over seventeen years and before his illness was teaching Tai Chi in community centers and at their Lakeshore facilities for seven years.

Ever since his near death, Claude has been an inspiration to all he meets. His hard work and dedication to the task at hand has shown others that with a will there is a way. Claude indeed lives life to the fullest.