Initiating Change

One of the hardest things for anyone to do is change. But even harder for most people is starting the change process. The most common reaction to change is to think about it. We ponder the way we feel we will be different. We fantasize about how much better things will be after we make a change. Then, nothing happens. We will complain that the universe is unfair. Why can't I get the end result I ever want?

Well change it turns out is easier to achieve than most people think. Initiate change by doing three things.

A physical change can be something as simple as changing the way you walk. Try altering where you foot hits the ground and find something that is comfortable then see how you feel.

My favorite physical change is learning to unfocus your vision. Most native cultures do this naturally. In our modern society, we force children to focus there vision in line with focusing on their tasks. Unlearning this gives us a more natural perspective about our physical world. I have managed to learn how to drive like this. I am a much more aware driver because of it. Try it. Not the driving part, not until you've practiced for a few years anyway.

A mental change can be the hardest for some to change, because you have to change the way you think. One aspect of the way people think about change that bothers me is how they wait. It's easier to wait and have some external event force you to change. DO NOT LOOK for external events to change you. This is the most dangerous way to change. Taken to the extreme you get the anarchistic view. If society collapses then all my problems will go away.

It's better to create a positive thought space and only allow in positive thoughts for change. And eliminate all negative thoughts as to why you can't change. So if a NEGATIVE thought comes your way just say STOP. You have to realize that you are the only thing stopping yourself. All the excuses you can think of are all internal. The external world has nothing to do with it. So only let in POSITIVE thoughts for your needed change.

Now relationships and having kids are something that we do to ourselves to force change. Now I'm not saying that we should not have relationships or kids. But what I am saying is that we have to look at what we are really doing to ourselves when we enter relationships or have kids. Most relationships fail because we don't realize what is actually happening. And parents fail at being good parents because they do not see what is happening. WITH KIDS ITS INTUITIVELY OBVIOUS but since you are in the middle of it, it's hard to see. The obvious thing is that kids are growing and changing everyday, and you treat them differently as they grow. For example when they are a baby you change their diapers. You don't do this when they are five. You treat them differently. And when they are ten, you treat them differently than when they were five. OBVIOUS. But what you should be looking at is the fact that you changed. You changed the way that you treat your kids. You let an external force drive you to change. This is not the way it should be done. DO NOT WAIT for the kids to get bigger before you change. Instead plan ahead what you think you should be doing with your kids in advance. Challenge them. Be aware of where they are so you can initiate the change in yourself to meet them where they are. I'm not saying plan your kids life, but plan your life. Be ready for change in yourself to meet the kids when they are ready for the next step. A subtle difference but important.

In relationships it's very similar. You are growing and getting older. Changes are happening to you and your spouse. You both have to give the space to each other that is necessary for the other to grow. You can not expect things to remain the same, or you will feel the stifling effect. You have to learn to ask for space when you need it. And you have to learn to give space when your spouse needs to grow.

If at anytime we resist the change that is happening then we fail. And if we wait for the change to happen to us, we might fail. Some of us manage to rise to the challenge. But it's much better if change is part of your life.

Without change you develop a rut. You must be responsible for all the things that happen to you. There should be no 'poor me'. Realize that you create your own reality. SO CHANGE your belief system. - I Will be taken care of - I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and God will provide for me. This is not to say that I don't have to do anything and I will get rewarded. I will work hard and I will be rewarded for doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Let's look at making money. If you are not making money then look where you are putting your energy. If you are doing something that isn't making money then stop it. Take a honest look at yourself.

Let's look at sickness. The quickest way to get over sickness is to give no sympathy, to yourself or others. Have to ask the question , why am I putting my energy into something that is killing me? And above all do not blame others for your sickness.

This next sentence is true of all illness, whether you want to believe it or not.

'The only reason I am sick is because I want to be.'

I know a lot of people who do not agree with that statement. But I was terminally ill and I only got better when I accepted that statement and changed my thinking. Now I am well.

If you are sick do not let others know.

Change can happen for you, but you have to do it. Just set it in your mind I am going to change. Use your will power. Change is not some romantic ideal - just start doing it..

For example - pretend that you are a pianist. You've played your first note. It sounds good. you like to hear that note. It's so good that you play it again. You start to play that note over and over again. You are afraid that if you play that next note that you won't like it, so you don't change. You get stuck in the rut of playing that same note over and over. Ridiculous right? To be a pianist you have to change your finger position to play that next note. Well to be a person you have to change and move on to your next task. Do not get stuck in that rut.

There are PRACTICAL things you can do to help you change.

If you are hopeless at initiating an internal change, then create an external motivator. Buy something that you always wanted but for whatever reason never bought. But don't use or touch it. Wrap it away somewhere. Then say to yourself, if I do ... whatever I want to do to change then after the first week I can look at the box. After the second week I can open the box. The third week I can read the instructions. On the fourth week I can touch it. After two months I can actually use it. Whatever schedule you want, but you have to establish whatever change you are trying to do as a new habit before you can actually use it.

Make a calendar. Start writing down future days to do activities, keep to your schedule, then gradually make bigger steps.

Throw things away. I had a hard time throwing out my school things - I didn't realize how much energy I had put there until they were gone. All the stuff that you have has some of your energy - getting rid of it gives you room for future energy.

Eat different foods - try a veggie diet or vegan - or trying eating meat if vegan. Just to see the change it does to you. FAST once a week

Alter you sleep patterns - get up at different times during the week - or go to bed at different times. Take naps!!

Use your physical awareness to change your thoughts - listen differently - look at things from different angles - smell!!! Touch and taste. If you increase the input you get a better output. Be present. e.g. If you are always looking into the past (Walk backwards - do not see where you are going) If you are always looking into the future - you do not see what is right in front of you. Use little stars to remind you to be aware. When you see one do the awareness thing.

Exercise. Make a commitment of one leg bend a day - increase gradually. Write on your calendar to reinforce it.

Spend more time outdoors. See forests!

Use your will power - practice it - if goal is to be happy, then when an unhappy thought comes to you just say stop - be strong and do not let unhappy things into your life.

The best one is the one that works for you. You know inside what you need to do to change. ultimately do not rely on others to tell you what is best.

An energetic change is easier when you have mastered physical and mental changes.

It is easier to know how energy flows through the body. Studying the chakra system is a great help.

Find how to use your chi, then strengthen it and learn how to use it to move through your energetic blocks with the help of visualization

Using some of the tools I have mentioned increases your awareness of energy movement.

With words I can only tell you that it is possible. In person I could show you. But there are many other energy movers out there. Find them and learn from them It is up you. Ultimately you are the only one who can teach you anyway. Any one else can only help guide you faster to your goal.

So get out there and change. The Earth needs you.