How to Move Energy and Tools to Use

By Claude Limberger

First point is I take full responsibility for my actions. So if anyone finds that moving energy has put them in a place where they find it hard to cope. Please email us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

But once you embark on this path, be aware that you too have a responsibility to yourself. You are responsible for your own energy.

Second point is the intent of my spreading energy movement knowledge is partly selfish. I want a better world to live in. I believe that teaching as many people about energy will increase awareness and people will better be able to affect decisions that affect the planet by being able to join to a higher consciousness and thus making change possible. Also people will better be able to relate to others in positive ways.

Third point is I believe that my purpose is to teach as many people as possible about spirit.

Lastly I believe that one learns best by doing and not by thinking. If you have to think it is after the experience as you incorporate it into your being. Of course common sense prevails here.

Now of course it is very hard to transfer energy with just words. It can be done. Dan Millman and Carlos Castenda are masters of this. I have tried very hard to emulate these masters in my own books. For an in depth experience of energy transfer through words, then read any books from the above. Here I will only give you some excellent tools to use. I sell some of the products below. I started to do so because I could never find a reliable source for them and others asked me where they could find them.

  1. Tai chi or other energy oriented exercises. Exercise is the best way to charge up the body. Move energy by moving. Internalize every movement. Work on charging the lower centers.
  2. G# tuning fork grounding. Use on your big toe to open grounding pathway through feet.
  3. G# crystal bowl grounding. Feel how the sound grounds you and draws energy from the top down through the body through your feet.
  4. Accupressure points. Do not use this very often. Only when you need it. Needless to say reading or taking a course is necessary to understand your body's energy system. But one useful point that I use is the adrenal stimulation points. I call them the Gorilla or chest thumping points. Press on chest where Gorilla's thump there chest. Pressure is required.
  5. Ottotuners. Move this fork just above body. Find points where you feel most relaxed. Or place on body. e.g. right below ball at back of head - relax neck muscles.
  6. Activate Chi. With feet firmly on the ground, move hands together as if to pray but do not let them touch. Visualize or feel the warmth in your hands coming through the center of the palm. Move your hands together and apart very slowly until you feel a repulsion building between your palms. When this is strong then move hands so that the hands are now at a ninety degree angle to each other. (This is called 'hold the ball' in Tai Chi.) Again, do not let them touch. Move them slowly together and apart. Feel the attraction that happens between the hands. Remember these feelings. As you increase the repulsion and the attraction between your hands, your internal energy increases. I like to do this before I go to bed. I awake refreshed and have great dreams as well.
  7. Drum, Rattle or Whistle. Making sound whatever your choice of instrument changes the pathways in the brain making the body more sensitive to energy movement. Ask any musician!

There are may more methods or tools that make one more sensitive to energy movement. The key is to initially become aware of it, then let the awareness grow. The awareness itself allows one to become aware of the subtle energy movements that occur all around us. When you can feel yourself as an energy ball moving among other energy balls, is the day when you truly can feel your life.

Most people live only from their necks up. The time to wake up is now. Experience the world as it was meant to be experienced.

Take the word of those who live in the energy world. It is there. Find your way to live there to.

Each journey is unique. Find yours. Become aware and help others to do so as well.