Johnny's Resolution

A Pug Enterprises book by Claude Limberger

Johnny Twigum's adventures continue in Johnny's Resolution and the final battle for control over the ripples of creation. Follow Johnny as he must decide on what he needs to sacrifice to save the multiverse. The decision he makes may surprise you.




Claude Limberger is a simple storyteller. Claude continues the story of his best selling book, Timestopper, in his latest novel, Johnny's Ripple. Using his knowledge of quantum physics and shamanism, Claude has blended a fantastic metaphysical adventure unlike any other. Johnny Twigum interacts with an unusual multi-dimensional being named Kumo, who manifests himself into our world in the form of a gnome. During Johnny's lessons with Kumo, Johnny learns the very workings of nature itself and is able to cause to come into being many fantastic creatures which he uses to stave off the evil Jarvis Spinner from changing the world into his own image, and thereby stopping Jarvis from setting himself up as the god of the earth.

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